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“Millions of Dollars are squandered annually by gullible persons who are led to believe that mediums have powers to call back the dead and perform other miracles, but it is all bunk, pure bunk.” Harry Houdini, master wizard in magic, declared Sunday night.

The Dallas Magic Circle, composed of business and professional men who have made a study of the art of magic, were guests of the “Great Houdini” in his performace at the State Fair of Texas Sunday afternoon. In a program designed to reveal the trickery used by the medium.

Members of the Dallas Magic Circle, Assembly No. 13 of the Society of American Magicians, tendered a banquet to Mr. Houdini Sunday night in the English room of the Adolphus Hotel. He paid high tribute to the Dallas circle, the only one in the South or Southwest affiliated with the national organization. “There is always a real thrill in magic and the study of magic,” declared Houdini, at the banquet. “Men of your type and caliber can do much toward putting to rout the so-called mediums who prey on the superstitious minded.”

At the dinner the members of the circle were roundly applauded as they offered their “best feats.” Afterward Houdini gave an additional demonstration of his powers.

Dan D. Rogers, banker, and Joseph A. Wickes, attorney, president of the Dallas Circle, spoke. F. F. Furman of Houston, president of the Mystic circle there, also was a guest of honor.

Houdini will return to Dallas at the close of the week and will make another appearance at the State Faire next Sunday afternoon.

“At that time I will have opportunity to reveal many things I could not do Sunday, on account of lack of time,” he said.

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